Pioneering a data-driven approach to vocal pattern analysis.

We analyze the full range of signals in the CEO's voice during his or her prepared remarks and the Q&A session of each earnings call. We've collected and analyzed earnings calls from around the globe, studying the foundational components of each CEO's speech to understand the correlation between distinct vocal patterns and subsequent stock price performance.

Behavioral dashboard
More than 30 unique behavioral states
to comprehensively track and analyze distinct behavioral patterns.
Established baselines
provide a standard reference point for each speaker's unique behavioral style.
Targeted behavioral intensity
tracks fluctuations in individual emotions for greater understanding of behavioral patterns.

All-in-one behavioral analysis AI model

Quickly uncover critical insights through multidimensional behavioral paradigms.

Speech Prosody
Analyze underlying patterns of tone, cadence, and timbre that enrich speech with complex, blended meanings.
Micro-Facial Expression
Evaluate dynamic facial experssion patterns that transmit unique meanings both in isolation and in combination.
Correlated Topic Recognition
Uncover critical topics by cross-analyzing vocal and micro-facial expression data to interpret complex, integrated behavioral patterns.