We’re the next evolution in earnings call analysis.

Despite its importance to a company's future outlook, there is a lack of specialized analytical tools specifically designed for earnings call analysis. We aim to change that. By leveraging the latest innovations in machine learning, we're able to unlock new insights from earnings calls to significantly enhance traditional analysis methods - giving investors more confidence in their investment decisions.

Our Mission

What we offer is more than just an analytics tool; it's a gateway to a more prosperous future.

At EarningsEdge, we believe that every investor deserves the opportunity to succeed in the stock market. We understand that the path to financial prosperity can often be challenging and uncertain, especially during earnings season. This is what drives our mission: to empower investors with the knowledge and tools they need to make more informed investment decisions, ultimately helping them increase their wealth.

How do we achieve this? By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology and deep market insights to provide the most extensive and accurate earnings call analysis available. Our platform is designed to navigate you through earnings seasons with confidence, ensuring you have access to actionable intelligence that can guide your investment strategy.

By providing detailed insights into earnings calls, we're also contributing to the broader goal of creating more efficient markets. Our analysis helps direct capital to deserving companies, fostering a healthier, more transparent investment landscape for all.

Data points analyzed in each earnings call
Full S&P500 coverage

Our Models

We blend three unique machine learning models into our comprehensive earnings call analysis framework to provide the most extensive analysis and accurate predictions.

Stock Price Forecasting
We analyze years of historical earnings performance data and stock price volatility surrounding earnings calls to accurately predict the direction and magnitude of the stock's next move.
Vocal Patterns Analysis
Our IRIS model analyzes the underlying sound structure of the CEO's voice to detect emotional fluctuations and pinpoint high risk areas of the company for focused analysis.
Transcript Sentiment Analysis
Our LLM automates the textual analysis of earnings call transcripts by evaluating each statement to identify key themes that have the geatest impact on a company's future outlook.