We're developing the next evolution of event-driven analysis.

EarningsEdge leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities to augment traditional analysis methods – increasing your efficiency and accuracy in finding optimal investment opportunities. Our unique combination of data, text, and behavioral perspectives uncover critical details that are often overlooked when relying on traditional analysis methods alone.

Best-in-class AI analysis models

Enhancing equity workflows through AI analysis

Increase your efficiency and accuracy in uncovering valuable investment opportunites while proactively mitigating downside risk.

Truly Unique Insights
Our cutting-edge behavioral and sentiment analysis models bring fresh perspectives, revealing impactful insights that are often overlooked when relying solely on traditional methods.
Delivering Efficiency Improvements
We believe in delivering powerful insights at a glance supported by exhaustive details, increasing your speed in identifying the most pertinent data for your analysis.
Teams of all sizes
Large or small, EarningsEdge is designed to integrate seamlessly with teams of all sizes, delivering immediate value-add to equity workflows.
Accessible via desktop, mobile, and API, for powerful insights wherever you are.